About this Service
Japan Pavilion Movie is a service to support Japanese companies wishing to expand overseas.
Listings company introduction video, especially in the motion picture exhibition services to perform the delivery,
Translated and brokerage support for inquiries from home and abroad,
We also carried out transactions support with overseas companies.
In addition, the foreign companies Own, visit to Japan prior to the preliminary survey, we heard the movie shooting coverage.

motion picture exhibition services [/ su_heading] Around the product introduction and company introduction of Japanese companies, and has published a number of useful videos to foreign companies like.

The motion picture exhibition services comes with the following features

Shooting Direction
Video editing and creating
Granting foreign language subtitles
Posted to the Site
We posted on the company like that applies to the following we have recommended.

– We have the products and services that can be sold to overseas
– We have planned, is doing the overseas expansion
– I want to appeal to foreign companies, but want to reduce the cost
– We’re looking for overseas business partners
– There are no overseas spokesman

transaction support [/ su_heading] Video exhibition services, etc., the negotiations that have occurred from the service of Hay site provides of course, for the other negotiations, will support up to your conclusion of a contract and trade transactions.

The transaction support comes with the following features.

– Such as e-mail inquiries content translation
– Multilateral agreement support
– Negotiation interpreter
– Aid-agency trade
– Surveys, etc.
– We recommend you use a company like that applies to the following.

Although trading began / inquiry came, foreign, it must not have a proficient staff
I feel uneasy to deal with overseas unfamiliar
I want to know better a new customer
It will be consulted about the amount and content.

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The use of paid features, such as some information viewing and interpretation services , requires a paid member your registration .